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Variable Mnemonic
Accommodation Type - 2 Categories ACCOMMODATION_TYPE_AGG2
Accommodation Type - 4 Categories ACCOMMODATION_TYPE_AGG4
District Electoral Area 2014 DEA14
Census 2021 Data Zone DZ21
Health and Social Care Trust HEALTH_TRUST
Adaptation to Accommodation (Wheelchair - External) HH_ADAPTED_EXTERNAL_WHEELCHAIR
Adaptation to Accommodation (Hearing Difficulties) HH_ADAPTED_HEARING
Adaptation to Accommodation - 2 Categories HH_ADAPTED_IND
Adaptation to Accommodation (Wheelchair - Internal) HH_ADAPTED_INTERNAL_WHEELCHAIR
Adaptation to Accommodation HH_ADAPTED_NUM_TC4
Adaptation to Accommodation (Other Reason) HH_ADAPTED_OTHER
Adaptation to Accommodation (Other Physical or Mobility Difficulties) HH_ADAPTED_OTHER_PHYSICAL_MOBILITY
Adaptation to Accommodation (Visual Difficulties) HH_ADAPTED_VISUAL
Adults and Children HH_ADULTS_AND_CHILDREN
Adults and Children - 2 Categories HH_ADULTS_AND_CHILDREN_AGG2
Adults and Children - 6 Categories HH_ADULTS_AND_CHILDREN_AGG6
Adults in Employment (Household) HH_ADULTS_EMPLOYMENT_TC3
Provision of Unpaid Care (Household) - 3 Categories HH_CARERS_TC2
Provision of Unpaid Care (Household) HH_CARERS_TC4
Car or Van Availability - 2 Categories HH_CAR_VAN_IND
Car or Van Availability - 3 Categories HH_CAR_VAN_TC2
Car or Van Availability HH_CAR_VAN_TC5
Central Heating - 10 Categories HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_AGG10
Central Heating - 3 Categories HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_AGG3
Central Heating - 4 Categories HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_AGG4
Central Heating (Electric) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_ELEC
Central Heating - 2 Categories HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_IND
Central Heating (Mains Gas) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_MAINS_GAS
Central Heating (Oil) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_OIL
Central Heating (Other) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_OTHER
Central Heating (Renewable Heating System) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_RENEWABLE
Central Heating (Solid Fuel) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_SOLID_FUEL
Central Heating (Tank or Bottled Gas) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_TANK_BOTTLED_GAS
Central Heating (Wood) HH_CENTRAL_HEATING_WOOD
Dependent Children (Household) HH_DEPENDENT_CHILDREN_AGG11
Dependent Children (Household) - 5 Categories A HH_DEPENDENT_CHILDREN_AGG5A
Dependent Children (Household) - 5 Categories B HH_DEPENDENT_CHILDREN_AGG5B
Dependent Children (Household) - 2 Categories HH_DEPENDENT_CHILDREN_IND
Household Deprivation HH_DEPRIVATION
Household Deprivation (Education) HH_DEPRIVATION_EDUCATION
Household Deprivation (Employment) HH_DEPRIVATION_EMPLOYMENT
Household Deprivation (Health) HH_DEPRIVATION_HEALTH
Household Deprivation (Housing) HH_DEPRIVATION_HOUSING
Household Deprivation - 2 Categories HH_DEPRIVATION_IND
People with Health Problem or Disability (Household) HH_DISABLED_TC2
Families (Count in Household) HH_FAMILIES_COUNT_AGG3
Household Composition - 14 Categories HH_FAMILY_COMPOSITION_AGG14
Household Composition HH_FAMILY_COMPOSITION_AGG23
Household Composition - 3 Categories HH_FAMILY_COMPOSITION_AGG3
Household Composition - 5 Categories HH_FAMILY_COMPOSITION_AGG5
Household Composition - 9 Categories HH_FAMILY_COMPOSITION_AGG9
Language (Household) HH_LANGUAGE
Language (Household) - 2 Categories HH_LANGUAGE_AGG2
Lifestage (Household) HH_LIFESTAGE_AGG15
Lifestage (Household) - 9 Categories HH_LIFESTAGE_AGG9
Ethnic Group (Household) HH_MULTI_ETHNIC_GROUP
Ethnic Group (Household) - 3 Categories HH_MULTI_ETHNIC_GROUP_AGG3
Rooms (Persons per Room) HH_PERSONS_PER_ROOM
Religion or Religion Brought Up In (Household) HH_RELIGION
Religion or Religion Brought Up In (Household) - 3 Categories HH_RELIGION_AGG3
Renewable Energy Systems HH_RENEWABLE_ENERGY_IND
Household Size - 2 Categories HH_SIZE_TC2
Household Size - 3 Categories HH_SIZE_TC3
Household Size - 4 Categories HH_SIZE_TC4
Household Size - 5 Categories HH_SIZE_TC5
Household Size HH_SIZE_TC6
Tenure - 4 Categories HH_TENURE_AGG4
Tenure - 7 Categories HH_TENURE_AGG7
Local Government District 2014 LGD14
Local Government District 1993 LGD93
Rooms (Number) NUMBER_OF_ROOMS
Rooms (Number) - 4 Categories NUMBER_OF_ROOMS_AGG4
Rooms (Number) - 5 Categories NUMBER_OF_ROOMS_AGG5
Rooms (Number) - 6 Categories NUMBER_OF_ROOMS_AGG6
Rooms (Occupancy Rating) - 2 Categories OCCUPANCY_RATING_ROOMS_AGG2
Rooms (Occupancy Rating) - 4 Categories OCCUPANCY_RATING_ROOMS_AGG4
Rooms (Occupancy Rating) OCCUPANCY_RATING_ROOMS_AGG5
Parliamentary Constituency 2008 PARLCON08
Parliamentary Constituency 2024 PARLCON24
Census 2021 Super Data Zone SDZ21
Settlement 2015 SETTLEMENT15
Travel to Work Areas 2011 TTWA2011